Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Figure Sketch #27-28 and a Special Edition

This year we've had a few hiccups as far as model scheduling and a few cancelled sessions.

Figure Sketch #27 our scheduled model could not make it and we had a fill in for a shortened session. She was our youngest model to date. Here I present a few drawings of Manaia Amelia Ana.
Watercolor and Pastel
Pen & Ink
Sharpie Marker
Artist & Model
I missed Figure Sketch #28. We had our first male model. I was told it was a good session!
Discover Art League held a Teachers Showcase at CR Framing in Brentwood and I demonstrated drawing from the Figure. Here is the result of that Special Edition of Figure Sketch.
Sepia Pencil
Colerase Pencil
Brush & Ink over Pencil
Many thanks to our young models for Figure Sketch #27 and the Special Edition.

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