Friday, January 4, 2013

Figure Sketch #21 - A.P. - Pacific Island Style & more

The 21st session of Figure Sketch was held on Monday, November 19 at CR Framing in Brentwood.
A.P. was our model for the evening. A.P. brought elegance and island style to Figure Sketch. 
MY first drawings of A.P. were in Pen & Ink.

A.P. had a traditional island outfit on for part of the session. 
I used sepia pencil and white charcoal on colored paper to capture it.


A.P.'s last outfit was fun. I wish there had been time to capture it in color. It was vibrant!

The evening started with another model taking the stand.

Artist - Sue Clanton - captured the first model in watercolor.

Artist - Lynn Peterson - captured the first model in colored pencil.

It was a fun session.
A.P. was a fantastic model. 
I had fun modeling and drawing. 
That's me, Big Al, posing for the other artists while A.P. was on her way.

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