Friday, January 4, 2013

Figure Sketch #22 - Susan Monson - Actress, Muse, Chanteuse, Chamelion, Libertine'.....

The 22nd session of Figure Sketch was held on Monday, December 3rd at CR Framing in Brentwood.
Susan Monson was our model for the evening. Live music was played by a jazz trio.
Susan Monson brought her acting chops in full force creating 3 characters for the evening. 
We only had time for the first 2 so we'll have to have her back.

Susan's first character was a Henri Degas style ingenue - ORAINE'. 
She reminded me of a Disney Princess before turning Princess.


Colerase pencil.
 Pen & Ink.
She completed her outfit with a little bird prop. Nice touch!

Susan's 2nd character was a Toulouse Lautrec style siren - MINX.
Captured in Pen & Ink.

Sepia pencil & Pastel.

Susan Monson was a delight to draw.

Thanks to Marcus Bettencourt on Saxophone, Kiah Cornelious on Bass and the keyboard player for Jazz music while we drew.
I took a break from drawing the model a few minutes to draw the trio.

Figure Sketch will be having an art show at CR Framing and Live Jazz will be provided by The Kindred Collective at the opening.

CR Framing is at 700 Harvest Park Drive, Brentwood, CA 94513. 

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Susan Monson said...

Such a fun night, thank you all!