Thursday, June 28, 2007

another for Altered Barbie 2007

Here's another drawing I did for the show:

It's 12x8" drawn in prismacolor on a pinkish soft textured paper.

I chose to just do some drawings from some old Barbies we had around the house. Some "life" or "still life" drawings. If you go to the show you will see actual altered Barbies. Meaning, she (or Ken or her kin ;) ) may be in a diorama of some extravagance, or portraying religious or pop culuture icons (some of the funnest wall recreations have been of the last supper), or her head or other body parts may make something else or be re-animated so to speak. It's a really interesting show every year.

Altered Barbie 2007

Here's one of my pieces for this years "Altered Barbie Show".
Pen & Ink just rocks. Drawn straight from the "model".